Flashback Friday: Darius Twin

Time to step out of my boundaries. I don’t mind a good side scrolling shooter every now and then… I mean, come on. Most of us have grown up with Gradius and R-Type. Shooters are always fun… That’s why for this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, I’m taking a look at Darius Twin.

Hey, isn’t that the series with the fishes for bosses?

Why, yes it is annoying-as-all-hell disembodied voice. This franchise, which has been around since the late 80’s, is known for having the entire cast of bosses be entirely fish based… or more like marine animal based as Darius Twin brings in lobsters, turtles, seahorses and even a walrus. Of course, there are still fish. Come on, it’s not a Darius game without the fish… it’s like a Gradius game without the Easter Island heads or R-Type without a Dobkeratops: It just doesn’t work.

Another feature of the Darius series is that no two playthroughs are the same. There are branching paths that make you choose which way you want to go. In some stages, the boss is the same thing with a fresh coat of paint while if you went the other way, you may run into something else. In fact, you would need 12 playthroughs of this game to play every stage at least once! That would be some real dedication there.

Of course, the traditional rules of a shooter applies here. You have enemies that need to be shot down, power ups to gain and a score to set (which in turn leads to bragging). Of course, you can be a daredevil and avoid everything, but that’s boring… shoot them down, son! Show them fish who runs this space!!

So, with that… I thank you for joining me on another Flashback Friday. Tune in next week when I do another shooter… this one will be quite…polarizing.

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