Flashback Friday: Altered Beast – Rise from your Grave

With every system, there was one game that was considered a ‘killer app’. The one game that everyone wanted and showcased. The Nintendo had Super Mario Brothers.. when the Sega Genesis came out, that killer app was…

Sonic the Hedgehog!

*Slaps the disembodied voice silly*

NO! It was Altered Beast.

But, before it became a Genesis game, it started out life as an arcade game in the era of the Beat-em-up. Everyone out there remembers the crown prince of the beat-em-up, Final Fight… well, Altered Beast was Sega’s chance to join in the fight when it came out in 1988.

The plot is like this: Zeus, in a much more heroic role then the one you see in God of War, has found out that his daughter, Athena, has been kidnapped by one of Hades’ cronies named Neff (the description actually said that he’s the lord of the underworld, but I call bull on that one). To save Athena, Zeus summons one (or two) dead soldiers to…

Funny… I didn’t know Elmer Fudd was into voice acting

Quiet you. Anyway, you must defeat the undead forces of Neff in five levels. Now, what gave this game it’s name was the transformation gimmick. There are white two headed wolves (why they were two headed, I don’t know). Each one defeated powered your guy up and made him more buff and badass. Once you collect three power ups, you would transform… and in the first stage, you became a werewolf!

A Werewolf?? FUCK YEAH!!

See, now he’s happy. Let’s keep it that way. Anyway, once you beat down a few mooks and reach the end, Neff taunts like the cheese ball that he is and summons a monster to be the stage boss. They’re usually easy to beat with your super powers. This process repeats itself for the next three stages, but instead of a Werewolf, you’ll turn into a Weredragon in Stage 2, a Werebear in Stage 3 and a Weretiger in Stage 4.


Yeah… a Werebear that can turn his foes into stone.

He can… *the disembodied voice faints from the excitement*

Good… good. Now, each of the forms have two different attacks. Once you reach the final level, you’ll get the final transformation, the Golden Werewolf, and finally confront Neff… who also has this skill and turns into a Wererhino.

*The voice wakes up* …ugh. What the? Why is the rhino guy from Wreck-it Ralph here?

He’s the final boss. Once you beat him, you saved Athena from whatever horrible fate Neff had in store for her..

It possibly involved that stupid ass Canadian cartoon… what was it again? The Raccoons?

I SAID QUIET! *Punches the disembodied voice in the junk*


What made this game endearing is how much the game went around went it came out. Of course, the Sega Genesis and Master System had versions, but it was also ported the TurboGrafx-16 in Japan and the Spectrum and Commodore 64 in Europe. Even the Zodiac, which was a mutant hybrid of a game console and a Palm Pilot, had a version of this game. Recently, it landed on the Nintendo 3DS with a special 3D mode added in as well.

I thank you for enjoying this Flashback Friday. I’m Seadragon and for me and the sorry ass Disembodied Voice that seems to follow me, I bid you farewell until next time.

  • https://abelmvada.tumblr.com/ Abel M’Vada

    Holy shit, you’re right – werebears are awesome!

  • Rabite

    I command you to wise fwom youw gwave! huh huh huh

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