Elder Scrolls: Dark Fantasy – Video Shows What Would Happen If Dark Souls Was Made In Skyrim

Youtuber Tyoine has made a trailer showing the beautiful world of Dark Souls as though built on the Skyrim engine.

Using 11 mods Tyoine has made a pretty good job at trying to recreate key locations such as The Crypts, Anor Londo and Crystal Cave and some enemies, for instance the boss Smough.

The problem for me is Skyrim comparatively seems to run on a weaker engine. It is interesting to see the possibility exists, but it looks glitchy, awkward and out-of-place. I even spied some hit-detection issues at the 0:40 mark that would make Steven Seagal blush. I also admit I do not recognise a lot of the enemies, as they don’t have that over-texturing that made the Dark Souls enemies creepy yet grounded in that Silent Hill kind of way.

Although It is still a good trailer with noticeable amount of work put into it. The music and tone makes me whimsically think back to my adventures in Lordran, in a game that despite my inability to beat it I loved so much. So thank you Tyoine.