Download and play this impressive “P.T.” replica

In a single month, canadian Farhan Qureshi made “PuniTy“, a recreation of the scene from the now extinct “P.T.“, aka “Playable Teaser” from the infamously cancelled Kojima+delToro collaboration “Silent Hills“. He did it using the Unity game engine, hence the name of his remake. Though it lacks many things from the original, it’s still a pretty impressive work and a great effort in recreating the hallway and even some of the original atmosphere.

Qureshi says he did this for educational purposes, as this is going to be part of a workshop for game developers he’ll be teaching soon. He was gracious enough to make this available to??the public and now probably someone else will stand on his shoulders and expand this in order to make a more accurate and complete “P.T.” recreation.

punity4 punity5 punity2 punity3

It’s available for PC (32 & 64-bits), Mac and Linux.

It can be downloaded from here.