Don’t expect a wall of E3 News here in the next days :-)

After all this is just a hobby project and not intended to compete with all the big gaming sites that have teams now in Los Angeles and enough manpower to write?? articles about every single announced game.


We might cover a few of the stories but there won’t be a ton of E3 related articles here, I recommend to visit the big sites for those news.


Oh yes..seems the Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally happening ????



  • FullmetalJ


  • Rabite

    I’m not even bothering to watch it this year. The only things I’m waiting for are:

    Sony matching MS on BC
    Squeenix announcing DQ7, DQ8, DQM1 and DQM2 coming to the US on 3DS
    And um… *shrug*

    • R.Hoffmann

      The backward compatibility was for only 18 games, probably more in the future but I bet the majority of the 360 games will remain unplayable on Xbone.

      Transferring digital content /games from the older to the newer console however would be something I hope to see on the PS4.

      • Rabite

        Oh fuck yes! Geometry Wars and Jetpac Refueled!

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