Crapcom Logic: “Either you buy our re-releases and remasters or you don’t get a new entry. “

Oh what a lovely day. Great weather, enough ice-cream in the fridge, a ton of awesome new porn was uploaded to the internet and there were a couple of great gaming news today to read about as well. Dark System Orks as example gained the rights of Dubby Dragons and Koonio Koon and might create something nice with those IP’s.

The big summer sale on Stream had a couple of awesome deals as usual and the backlog will rise to new heights.

But than there was this news that pissed me off:

“Jesus May Smile Series May Not Continue If Jesus May Smile 4 Special Edition Doesn???t Sell Enough

The Jesus May Smile series may not continue if JMS4 Special Edition doesn’t sell enough, the producer confirmed in a recent interview”

Oh fuck. Crapcom, the company behind Jesus May Smile is pulling this crap again? They did that with Dorkstalkers already when they teased Dorkstalkers 4 but released Dorkstalkers Resurrection, a collection of Dorkstalkers 1-3 and blamed the consumers for not supporting the series enough.

Yeah..surprisingly there were not millions of consumers that wanted to buy the third re-release of the classic Dorkstalkers games. Crapcom’s own Yoshi-Oni mentioned:

Yoshi:“My apologies. We won’t be releasing a new installment in the Darkstalkers series anytime soon. As we didn’t manage to hit our sales targets for Dorkstalkers Resurrection… so…”

Random Interviewer: Eh?! *Laughs* But I’m really a fan of the series, and I’d really love for Crapcom to make it happen!

Yoshi: Well, in that case all you have to do is buy about 4 million copies of Dorkstalkers Resurrections! *Laughs*” (HueHueHue, waves Blanka action figure)

Now the same game again with Jesus May Smile and most likely Mugga Man..since we evil consumers are not caring about another re-release in collection form of Mugga Man 1-6 when we had Mugga-Man 1-8 + the Mugga-Man Arcade Games in a collection 11 years ago already.

Please Crapcom, just sell your old IP’s already.