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Flashback Friday: WeaponLord

One guess for last week and it was from Hoffman… but, dude. Shaq Fu? WRONG! I even gave it away when I talked about my plans. But, I might get into Shaq Fu sometime down the road. This week’s Flashback Friday is an old school SNES and Genesis fighter called

Hey, I’m Brendan, and I love games…

…especially the classics. I’m a product of the mid-1980’s who grew up on NES and SNES. I’ve owned dozens of consoles and hundreds of games in my life and, well, videogames are just my passion. While I’ve owned a plethora of non-Nintendo consoles, and play modern Nintendo games frequently, like

Flashback Friday: Ikaruga

First off… I am disappoint. Not one person caught the clue I left in last week’s Flashback Friday. Maybe I need to be more blatant in leaving clues next time, hm? With that said, this week brings us another shooter. This time, we go from the retro style of Darius

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