Awful Boss Battles: Nefasturris

So it’s finally time to unleash all my hatred… I believe this is definitely going to be a series worth doing… hopefully. You know… those awful moments in video games which make you want to smash your fist through the TV or fall asleep… or both. Even some of the nest games have some really horrible moments that really push your buttons. Today we’re going to talk about boss fights and one boss in particular really infuriates me. The mere existence of this boss offends me… Today I’m going to talk about a boss from Devil May Cry 2, Nefasturris.

Now believe it or not, I don’t really hate Devil May Cry 2 unlike a lot of people. I liked the direction they were going for it, lots of cool areas to explore and are all dark and give you that feeling of desolation, plus despite being stoic, I do think DMC2’s Dante is still a badass, in fact you could say that this time around, he’s too badass. So badass that he doesn’t even need style to win boss fights… he just kinda stands there and shoots.

Disclaimer: I am proficient in the art of sucking when it comes to playing Devil May Cry

Which is all you can do against the mighty Nefasturris. Seriously this boss drives me up the wall. This boss is not only frustrating as hell but is just plain bad. First lets look at his design. What the bloody fuck is that. Seriously, people actually gathered together in a board room and thought up this shit. You are fighting a giant hulking demon who’s somehow managed to get himself trapped inside a skyscraper, so the skyscraper turns rubber and you see this huge face pop out. I don’t even know what to say about this, I mean sure it might look cool on paper but it’s simply illogical. A skyscraper is a solid object with multiple floors. How can a demon that size fit in there (let alone get in there)? In addition, why do the windows turn to jelly when he pushes into them with his hand? I’m pretty sure physics don’t work like that.

The only other explanation is that the demon itself is the skyscraper and we are led to believe that it’s just a facade. If so, then why the hell does the building not disappear when he comes out? Is the skyscraper actually the demon? If so then why? Why would you make a demon that is designed as a skyscraper and if you’re trying to make it subtle, then why do you have his body popping out of it!? Seriously, this has to be one of the dumbest ideas for a boss battle I’ve ever encountered in my life. Sure I know it’s supposed to be a video game and trying to apply logic to a video game is stupid but it’s not half as stupid as the idea of this boss. I mean come on, it’s a demon that just pops out of a jelly skyscraper, worst part is, it comes literally out of nowhere and serves absolutely no purpose other than to create something epic looking for the game’s opening scene. Lets face it, that is all this boss is, it’s purpose is to make the intro cut scene look epic and truth be told, when I first saw the intro, I thought this boss fight was going to be badass, sadly I couldn’t have been more wrong.

dmc2 awful boss 1

What make’s Nefasturris one of the worst bosses ever is simply the fact that it makes no sense in the context of a Devil May Cry game (gameplay wise at least). Devil May Cry is supposed to be a hack n slash game at its core but this boss is so far away that it’s near impossible to hit him with physical attacks and it’s dangerous to even try, instead you’re encouraged to stand far back holding down the square button and jumping and dodging his attacks as they come. Watch the video and see how many times I actually used my sword on this guy (the first form at least), sure I did try to use it but when I did I often got punished by the boss. This is the reason why I had to re-record this footage as well as the reason why this boss is so frustrating, when a game gives me a choice between using a sword or a gun, I’m going to use a sword, I’ve always enjoyed sword fighting in games hence the reason why I play Devil May Cry in the first place, to hack n slash things with my sword. All I’m doing in this boss is holding down square and shooting him with SMG’s (god help you if you decided to bring ebony and ivory to this fight) and dodging his irritating attacks.

Seriously, this guy has quite possibly one of the most irritating arsenal of attack’s I’ve seen in a Devil May Cry game (though Geryon and Beowolf come damn close). He shoots this huge laser (which as you can probably gather by the video, I’m just too good at jumping into >.>) which covers the entire battlefield. To avoid it you have to jump over it. Well get this. Once you have the bosses health down below 3/4 his laser will start homing on you and this is near impossible to avoid especially if you’re standing too close (hence the reason why you can’t use the sword in this fight). The only way to avoid the homing laser is to jump up (just to have the laser move up) and when you land you quickly dodge forward twice (you see me do it in the video). If you’re standing too close to the boss, you have to do the same but dodge backwards instead of forwards. If you’re too close to a corner though, you’re fucked as if you jump, the laser will hit you.

dmc2 awful boss 3

To ensure you’re not standing too close the boss will also shoot what appears to be a shotgun blast laser, this attack is stupidly annoying to dodge. At least the laser is possible to dodge (if you do it perfectly) but this attack can hit you just about anywhere. you can literally just dodge into one of the lasers. Now if you’re attacking him ,with the sword and he uses this, say goodbye to a considerable amount of health as all the lasers will hit you. Once again this forces you to use the guns. I hate being forced to use certain weapons. If I have a sword, I’m going to use it and in this boss, using it is so dangerous that it’s safer just so shoot as it deals enough damage anyways (because as we all know, Devil May Cry 2’s guns are overpowered as hell).

Nefasturris also loves to taunt the player by slamming his hand down, at the same time, he is vulnerable to melee damage for a short period of time but before you even think about it, Nefasturris will summon bats to stun lock you and the only effective way of dealing with them is *sigh* gunning them down. Essentially the only reason to melee attack this guy is simply to get devil trigger… just to make the boss fight end quicker and believe me, this boss can be a real pain to kill without fully upgraded SMG’s (which i am using in the video). The faster this boss fight ends the better and considering the fact that there are two phases to this fight you’ll want to get the first phase down really quickly.

dmc2 awful boss 2

Ello poppet…

In the second phase however, things get a bit different. His head comes flying off and you have to fight him again (yep it really is that stupid). The guy likes to shoot white balls at you, all you can do is mash circle and hold the analogue stick to the top corner and pray that you don’t dodge too slow or into a wall or you will get hit, staggered, hit again and so on. Then his head will fall down and you have to get around him to avoid his shotgun blast laser, then you can finally use your sword (it’s about time). Afterwards he will begin to shoot blue lightning, similar to Nevan in DMC3. The problem with this is that if you were expecting the white balls, you’re probably going to start dodging… but these lightning bolts appear on the ground and it’s obvious that their purpose is to troll the player by having them dodge left… only to dodge into the lightning. He will throw multiple lines of lightning at you and you can only pray that they don’t hit you as he throws some of them in the air for good measure. Just to make things worse, he likes to throw both white balls and blue lightning at you at the same time but in truth this is no different from the blue lightning.

The thing that annoys me about this boss the most is that despite how annoying and frustrating he is, he really isn’t all that difficult. Through trial and error you will easily beat this boss. It’s just his cheap moves that annoy me the most and the simple fact that you have to avoid all of his attacks in a particular way or you’ll get hit. In reality, Nefasturris is just a boring boss with nothing interesting to offer, his irritating attacks can knock you off guard at first but once you know exactly what you’re supposed to do, he is pitifully easy… if annoying. Really it all comes down to guess-work, guessing what his next attack will be. If you can anticipate all of his moves and know exactly how to avoid them, you will beat this boss so easily it’s laughable.

dmc2 awful boss 4

Oh so it’s Nefascapitis now… since when did losing your head warrant a name change?

Now you might argue “isn’t that what a learning curve is all about”? Well normally you’d be right, bosses are supposed to challenge you and you’re meant to feel accomplished, as if you learned something new after beating them but the only thing you’re left with after this boss fight is disappointment, you learn absolutely nothing besides the fact that the boss is both ridiculously annoying and ridiculously easy. Just look at Vergil in Devil May Cry 3, that boss fight is literally the complete opposite of Nefasturris, you come out of it feeling as if you accomplished something or learned something new. Seriously, each time I fought that guy (and for each play through) I came out of that fight learning something new each time. This boss left me with nothing but pain and frustration and every time I go back to it brings back that same pain and frustration every time because by then, I forgot how to avoid the guy’s attacks and have to re-do it over and over again till I can remember.

What’s worse is when you do beat him, you are rewarded with the most anticlimactic death animation ever…

So there you have it, one boss down, many more to go. Oh and I’m not just going to discuss bosses, hell no. There are many other awful sections of video games to discuss. Depending on how much or how little I have to say about them depends on how may of them I’ll include in each one.

Sorry for the shitty image quality, I decided to upload these directly from my capture card considering the fact that the entire boss fight is all in the video. As a result, the images look like ass… but that’s OK since this boss looks like ass anyways, just saying.

  • R.Hoffmann

    Jeeeesus. That Boss is really looking like ass. Its an interesting blog-series format to think about, with that Twisted Metal 2 Endings blog I remembered a pretty cool game moment and area but talking about the bad ones can be fun as well.

    What do you think, does an own menu button for gaming moments splitted into two sub categories like good and bad ones sound like a cool idea :-)

    • Terry 309

      Yep, that sounds good.

      The great mighty poo from Conker’s Bad Fur Day looks better than Nefasturris

      • R.Hoffmann

        ..and got a much better boss battle song too ^^ Just changed the menu already but am going to make it a drop-down one now. Am going to change a few small things in your blog later, the tags there can be a bit different + we have a mighty proofread feature

        • Terry 309

          I just noticed and have edited out a lot of the typo’s. Saves having to hunt for them.

          • R.Hoffmann

            Its a real blessing, its just not fixing my many grammar mistakes, maybe I see if there is an even better one out there ^^

  • FullmetalJ

    DMC2 as a whole was shit, but if you had to pick one, then I guess that the lazor-spewing skyscraper is a pretty good choice.


    • Terry 309

      Devil May Cry 2 definitely isn’t up there with 3 and 4 but is a guilty pleasure of mine.

      • FullmetalJ

        Damn right it’s guilty!
        Jesus fucking Christ!
        The only thing right with that game were those cool Diesel jeans.

        • R.Hoffmann

          Well..we got Trish at least thanks to Devil May Cry 2 :-) Seems she will be pretty fun to play as in the upcoming remaster

          • Terry 309

            What’s her weapon gonna be? I know it was Sparda in DMC 2 which was pretty badass but in DMC 4 she comes across as more of a martial artist.

          • FullmetalJ

            She uses Sparda like in DMC2 and MvC3.

          • Terry 309

            Well Sparda is always cool

          • FullmetalJ

            Super cool.

          • R.Hoffmann

            Yo Terry, I just saw that you did a Need for Speed review, for some reason the reviews are not appearing automatically on the frontpage and currently I don’t know how to fix that but will make one of the big slider images now, please mention which platform version was reviewed though.

            Greets Reinhold, I am now installing a private forum part for the staff in the forum where we can discuss and share what we are going to write, I also set up the about and ehtics page

          • Terry 309

            I reviewed it on the Wii platform.

            Private forum sounds nice. Probably won’t be able to write much for a while though. I have something in mind but getting the images for it means i have to go through hell and back because i screwed up my save file :/. Hopefully the others can fill in for me.

          • R.Hoffmann

            Please write up what you have in mind in the forums admin part (after I made you a global moderator there) Who knows, maybe some of us can help. Maybe you can find a video for screenshots too instead of playing something again if it takes a lot of time ^^

          • Terry 309

            Believe me, there’s a reason why I started this awful series. And i’m experiencing that reason all over again, that’s part of what encourages me to write about it.

          • R.Hoffmann

            Heh. Thats true dedication. Continue what you believe is right!

          • R.Hoffmann

            I need moderators for the comments sooner or later, alone already because there will be spam comments like on dtoid with the time I fear, would you like to help me out with that?

          • FullmetalJ

            Yeah sure, it’s not like I don’t have free time hahaha

          • R.Hoffmann

            Time is never really free..the clock is always ticking, don’t forget that ????

            Thanks a ton. For now there won’t be anything to do for you anyway, but spambots will be only a matter of time

          • FullmetalJ

            So what’s the difference between “blacklist” and “moderate”?

          • R.Hoffmann

            Moderating is about one comment, blacklisting about a commenter, I guess the person can’t comment anymore as long as he is blacklisted.

        • Terry 309

          And the devil trigger which actually made you feel godlike (especially on low health). I wish they kept that gimmick.

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