Awesome Gamers can be awesome Artists too, meet Esau Murga and his Mortal Kombat Legacy!

Welcome to the first ever Awesome Gamers article on Hoffmanntoid, these weekly articles will feature gamers that are also awesome artists and draw their favourite video games since years.

MK Legacy Scorpion vs Sub-Zero by Esau Murga

Meet Esau Murga, also known as Esau13 online,. I know Esau now since almost 3 years online, through his stunning Mortal Kombat art as well as through many conversations with him including an interview back in 2012 on Game-Art-HQ.

Mortal Kombat is his favourite game series of all times, he draws the characters and some of their finishing moves now since around 10 years and gets only better. If you like his works shown here, better visit his deviantART gallery, its full of goodness!


Baraka Mortal Kombat Legacy Art

  • blackorb00

    >> I wish I had more time for playing videogames.
    right now art and other real life BS consume all my time.

    • R.Hoffmann

      I know that problem too well ^^

  • ??milius

    Awesome indeed. I’ve been watching him for a while.

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