Abel M’Vada, video game addict.

Hi there. My name is Abel M’Vada. Publicly, I’m an artist and gif animator whose work can be found on deviantArt and on tumblr. But privately, behind closed doors, I am an obsessive video game fanatic, especially where older games are concerned. I drool over Dig Dug, twitch around Tempest, and fixate on Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa – all right, not so much the last one, but you get the idea.


My introduction to video games was through the arcade, where games with vector displays had a magical, hypnotic glow that made me want to willingly give up my allowance (or steal someone else’s and give that up). Then it was the Atari 2600 that solidified my infatuation. After that, I learned to make my own (really shitty) games on the Vic 20, graduated to the Commodore 64, got myself hooked on NES, addicted to PC gaming, spaced out on X-Box, ad nauseam. It’s gotten so bad now that whenever I hear any sort of electronic beep, I go into convulsions. Sad, really.


Exaggerating aside, I really love all the work that goes into a well crafted game. Learning about games has pushed me explore diverse fields of interest; graphic design, architecture, psychology, golf (yeah, that’s right, I learned to golf with EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour). And video games have played (and still play) an enormous influence on my artwork. Except for fighting games. I suck at fighting games (it’s all just random button-mashing!).


  • sonic429

    Fighters aren’t all button mashy. In fact once you get good then it’s far from that, most of them at least. In fact I find something like Virtua Fighter to be as beautiful as a choreographed ballet.

    • https://abelmvada.tumblr.com/ Abel M’Vada

      Yeah, I was just being a bit of a smart ass. But, you’ve convinced me to give fighting games another try. I do have hazy memories of Virtua Fighter, but I think I was drunk when I last played it (and, if I remember correctly, had my ass handed to me).

      • sonic429

        Maybe not the best place for someone to start getting into fighting games, it’s not exactly what you would call accessible, but it’s far from a button masher. Truth be told I think that MK is a bit easier to just jump into, works a bit more on memorization (whereas VF is more intuition, reaction and instinct) but it’s a bit easier to pick up and play. But it’s whatever you are in the mood for honestly.

  • https://www.game-art-hq.com/ R.Hoffmann

    Welcome on board, Abel, I look forward to your future blogs here

    • Abel M’Vada

      Thanks, RH. There’s already lots of interesting stuff to read here – you’ve been busy! Now I’ll just have to think of something to contribute…

      • https://www.game-art-hq.com/ R.Hoffmann

        I think something art related could be super fitting for you. You as artist can maybe write how you became an artist and write up your thought about fan art, copy rights, art thefts, and all those problems or experiences the “standard” gamer is not confronted with. Something like a tutorial how to start something like a relative simple Mario etc drawing could be amazing.

        Beside that, you can write reviews here, write about gaming news you find interesting or something that made you happy or pissed you off when you read it. Also personal “standard” gaming blogs like your wish lists for the E3 maybe, your favourite games, All that is possible.

        • https://abelmvada.tumblr.com/ Abel M’Vada

          You’ve given me some really great ideas that I hadn’t considered and some new areas to look into. Should be fun!

  • Terry 309

    Ah another who sucks at fighting games

    • https://abelmvada.tumblr.com/ Abel M’Vada

      Glad to see it’s not just me!

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