A New Spiritual Successor to F-Zero?

That’s right guys, I recently stumbled upon this new Kickstarter about a game called Zero Gravity AX. Now from what I’ve gathered based on the images, the tracks will use a very similar aesthetic to F-Zero GX, that is great news for me as F-Zero GX is absolutely brilliant and if they can capture the in depth mechanics to go with it then I don’t think it could be any better.

The Kickstarter page mentions the ability to not only create your own machine but to also create your own character. They also promise a track editor which sounds really awesome.

In addition, there are stretch goals including online play, Battle Mode and Sterioscopic 3D.

Their goal is to make 115,000 euro’s so if you want a new F-Zero then help make it happen!

There are a few perks on offer and they are pretty standard stuff, not that there’s a problem. 13 euro’s gets you a copy of the game on steam, 23 euro’s gets you digital copy for consoles and 33 euro’s offers a physical version of the game.

So far there has only been 1 backer at 13 euro’s so if you want to make this happen, you better make it happen fast as the deadline is the 3rd of August, that is just less than a month away so get pledging!

Kickstarter page:

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