Great Video Game Sites and Communites we want to recommend:

There are many thousand video game sites today, but which ones of them are great and have unique features, great communities or are just great at sharing video game news? Lets form a list of video game sites we can truly recommend!


This List is a work in Progress and will most likely be updated every couple of days. You are very welcome to leave your suggestions / recommendations via a comment.


The next couple of sites that will be listed here are

Mobygames, Dwelling of Duels, The PSX Data Center, Shoryuken



dtoid Destructoid

Great for the laughs and a nice community in the comment sections, the c-blogs and sometimes even in their forum.

Just be warned and don’t click on any Articles by their chief editor Jonathan Holmes on a weekend.



hc101 HardcoreGaming 101

HC101 is an excellent site to find very detailed descriptions of especially not so popular and older video games.

They are also producing video game books and are usually comparing different versions of a game via many screenshots.

You can read a more detailed recommendation and description of the site here.


NL Nintendolife

NL is simply a great choice for Nintendo related news and reviews.

Beside being very objective, they also have a big variation of articles usually, a big community and not too many ads.


OCR OverClocked ReMix

OCR is a community all about the remixing of VGM. You can download over 2k excellent remixes there, either via torrent or manually, they also create video game music albums since a couple of years.

Beside being a community of musicans they also have an active forum where all kinds of games and game related topics are discussed.


vgmdb VGMdb

This is a growing video game music database where you can find info for thousands of VGM Albums, be their commercial, official or made by fans. Personally i find the Releease calendar there super useful.

They also provide links where you can buy an album.


  • Radical Yoseph

    -PC Gamer
    -Nintendo Life

    Those are my top three.

    • Oceanicus

      Dtoid, really? Their quality has gone downhill tremendously the past few months, not to mention that Holmes is insufferable on weekends with his click-bait articles and the whole firing a journalist for actually researching debacle.

      • R.Hoffmann

        Destructoid and the people behind it are for sure anything but flawless, but the community there is one of the strongest and best ones I have seen on gaming sites.

        Aside from a..very loud minority of Nintendo fans there, its almost every time fun to read through the comment sections of the frontpage articles. The Forum and especially the C-Blogs are great there.

        I agree that Holmes can be very annoying though.

        • Oceanicus

          I know, I used to frequent Dtoid a lot too, and the community was awesome, but I feel as if the community is slowly getting worse, the oldest posters and the ones who used to write the best c blogs don’t go there as often or at all anymore, it’s kind of sad, actually.

          And while there’s a vocal minority you also weren’t so innocent either, you enjoyed making them rage haha.

          • R.Hoffmann

            Its difficult for me to disagree to both of your points ????

            Anyway, to be a bit more contructive here, what are some gaming websites or communities YOU would recommend other games to visit or to sign up there?

            I was going to add Overclocked.Remix, Destructoid and the VGMDB as the next three for this list

          • Oceanicus

            I actually came here to ask you the same, after the whole GG debacle and even a little bit before that, I became disinterested in following the gaming media and started to feel as if most sites I visited (and some I still visit from time to time) are disingenuous or simply put, sold off. I do visit dtoid sometimes because the community isn’t gone yet and I enjoy reading some of chris’ reviews. Nonetheless, I sometimes forget it’s weekend (like today) and end up reading an inflamatory Holmes’ piece haha. Gotta recognise though, the man knows how to get us to click on an article and generate controversy.

            And I’d actually enjoy some smaller sites, I enjoy people talking about their hobby (as your site) much more that bloggers getting paid from corporations.

            And the company I follow the most is Nintendo, so I get most of my news from their youtube channel or the directs, although one thing that I just can’t understand is the Splatoon hype, I bought it and as it is, it doesn’t deserve the price tag. But all the gaming sites are overhyping it, just like watchdogs or titanfall, none of them are bad, but none are as great as the media wants us to believe.

            Edit: also another reason why I wouldn’t include dtoid in a general list, is because the community (its best part) is an acquired taste, they have a weird sense of humour that would be off putting to most, but yeah it’s enjoyable.

          • R.Hoffmann

            Ever thought about blogging a bit too? There is always room for more gamers on this site that like to share gaming news they find interesting, to review games without any time pressure or to simply talk about everything gaming related like Dustin does with his Friday Flashback series or Terry when he describes an awful boss battle as example.

            @Splatoon. I think that shooters seem to get a general bonus because so many gamers care about them mostly. I still think that the over 420-articles for one fucking game called Titanfall alone on dtoid was both ridiculous and also unfair for many other game companies, especially the smaller ones that are rarely getting any attention. If one game gets hundreds of articles, it means that time and effort of the writers went to that one game instead of many ones. Splatoon did not even half as many attention and its a new IP by Nintendo at least. I mean..that alone is a big news already ????

            Regarding recommending big gaming sites: I like Game Informer myself. They are super neutral when it comes to stuff like gamergate and I never saw them pulling something stupid like Hernandez did on Kotaku or Holmes is doing at the weekends, their Reviews are informative and while they write a lot about the big games too, they have also some articles every week related to older games, they start discussions for the community there and have a much bigger variation of gaming news than dtoid where half of the news are either shooters or Nintendo. Game-Art-HQ and WeAreJustgamers are also daaaaaaamn promising if you care about game art or weirdos!

          • Oceanicus

            I’ve thought about it, but I just don’t know if I’ll have the time to be consistent about it, uni and other stuff get prioritised over me writing about my hobby, but yeah if I get the time I’ll try to do so.

            I’ll check those sites too, yeah at first I thought Kotaku was actually a satire site, I can’t believe how people write that kind of atuff unironically.

            What I mean is that you only get overhyping, not discussion, not an analysis, and that’s sad, when you have hundreds of articles of a game and they’re more ads than information pieces, also it’s kind of weird how overworked some of the staff seems with chris having to review tenths of games a week and stuff and others sticking only to opinion pieces or the equivalent of retweeting articles.

            I love game art so I’ll be checking game-art-hq as well.

          • R.Hoffmann

            Consistent or not does not matter here. The site is totally a hobby for everyone of us and while I try to update the site every day I can’t do that either. Whenever you are in the mood to start blogging, no matter how active you would be, just mention it to me and you are welcome!

          • Oceanicus

            Sure, if I’ve ever in the mood, I’ll let you know!

          • Terry 309

            Destructoid is ok so long as you stick to the c blogs section. The people on there are friendly enough so it’s a good place to write (although this site has a much better editor) but a good place to read? Not really. Most of the articles on Destructoid are about amiibo’s and splatoon and meme stuff. It lacks variety. Sometimes when i go on there i feel like an outcast and although the community are welcoming, it’s pretty clear who the loyalists are and i kinda got the gist that i wasn’t really considered a “part of the group” moreso just another writer. I found that i’m not the only one who sufferred this problem. People like Lord Spencer also suffered, as people saw him as a “mere reviewer” rather than a community member, we need people like him writing on this site.

            I think the thing about the C blogs is that people don’t want to know about videogames, people are more interested in gaming politics and NVGR articles as they tend to get the most attention. Articles about specific games get next to nothing. I also believe that a lot of good writers have already left the site or don’t write anymore. What happened to The Gameslinger?

            In any case, I think more people from the c blogs need to come here, people like Riobux, Sonic and I have already come over and Sonic is one of the C blogs better writers.

          • R.Hoffmann

            Would love to see that happen, especially Lord Spencer who wrote a lot of great SNES Reviews.

            Goddamn the Gameslinger was awesome and one of my favouriter c-blog reviewers there. I wondered what happened to him as well months ago already.

            If you believe that someone you know from the c-blogs might love a place like this, don’t hesitate to recommend it to him.

          • PhilK3nS3bb3n

            GS did a big move and has been quiet since. Barely on Steam anymore too. Miss the big lug.

          • R.Hoffmann

            He was one of the reasons why I started caring about the c-blogs once actually. He reviewed an unpopular old Playstation 2 SciFi racing game and did that with selfmade screenshots and a dedication I am rarely seeing by professional reviewers.

            We as the gaming community in general lost a great contributor there.

          • PhilK3nS3bb3n

            Such a great writer and a really great guy to boot. He helped me a lot during my divorce. Always there to shoot the shit.

          • PhilK3nS3bb3n

            Awww. I consider you part of the group. You’re awesome man!

          • Terry 309

            I think the reason why is simply because i wasn’t a front page reader like the rest, that’s why i felt like an outcast. Everyone seems to know each other on there from the front page, i just kinda lingered on the c blogs all the time.

          • PhilK3nS3bb3n

            Destructoid has always been about the community to me and that will always be the reason I’m there.

        • Radical Yoseph

          Speaking of c-blogs, I have a message for “Tails the Fox”

          • R.Hoffmann

            Saw it already, you made me smile there. I mean the first blog was halfway okay (a bit annoying already) but MARIO OR SONIC was simply dumb. Luigi is alzo better bekause he is green and has a big mustache. And we all know that guys with big mustaches have big cocks. And cocks are more powerful than tails.

          • Radical Yoseph

            I saw your Twitter post “welcoming” Tails fan girl so I thought maybe, just maybe it was you in disguise. Lol.

          • R.Hoffmann

            I have a lot of time, but not for something like that lol

      • Radical Yoseph

        Yeah Dtoid. The community is still vibrant and large, the blogs are consistently high quality, and there are still good writers like Chris Carter and Jed Whitaker, as well as fun content. By click-bait articles on the weekend, do you mean Sup Holmes? I actually enjoy that :(. And yeah, the firing was a mistake, but I am not abandoning all the good people I have met there over one mistake.

        • Oceanicus

          Poor Chris, he reviews dozens of games, the guy will break down eventually. As I’ve commented elsewhere I do enjoy the community but as the staff changes and the quality drops, the best users are going away too. And that saddens me.

          No, his articles, like today’s about reggie supporting the binding of isaac, he just had to mention sarkeesian in a snarky gamers are dumb way. And he does this constantly, being inflamatory and then playing dumb.

          • Radical Yoseph

            Yeah that was was not necessary and he rightfully got slammed for it in the comments. I havent seen really any community members leave, other than Hoffman because he was banned for being inflammatory forwards mods and Andy Dixon because he is busy with family. Andy still comments though.

          • R.Hoffmann

            You did not see them leave, but I did. 3 days after my ban, one of the other top ten commenters left.


            Others are not commenting there often anymore. Some left because guys like holmes and are only writing in the forums now, they even stopped writing c-blogs.

          • Radical Yoseph

            Actually, S. Daedalus got banned. And yeah, Holmes has been causing some issues and gotten a good bit of backlash.

          • R.Hoffmann

            Oh well. A shame he got banned.

          • Radical Yoseph

            Yeah it sure is. He had apparently been challenging the mods fairly frequently, at least according to Occam. I trust that Occam was telling the truth though.

          • Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

            Thanks Radical, I appreciate that.

          • Radical Yoseph

            Your welcome! :)

          • R.Hoffmann

            Dude, stop taking these mushrooms or whatever you are consuming. If one guy really needs to go on forward and stop living in the past and talk about the other guy it is you.

            If I talk about Holmes here in a conversation with someone, or do it on Twitter it has almost nothing to do with dtoid, its all about the mistakes by one guy. You should be old enough to understand that instead of only seeing everything in black and white.

          • Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

            I don’t think I have a screw loose but thank you for that. There’s something about non-native speakers using outdated colloquialisms that I find endearing. I have a Columbian friend who does that all the time and it brings me no small amount of joy.

            I hope you can grow up and push past whatever immaturity keeps you from owning your mistakes, the same immaturity that got you banned from Destructoid. It was so disappointing to see you choose to get banned rather than try to participate on the site.

            And you can stop making Twitter posts like talking about setting up alt accounts on Destructoid in order to play “mind games” which is really sad and for a guy who is ok with the ban it says otherwise.

            You say move on but shouldn’t you take some of your own advice? Instead of guessing how long before Destructoud folds try making your sites the best they can be. It would certainly be more productive.

            You can’t say you like to troll people and then act like you are outraged when you get called on it. That was your problem on Destructoid and it’s still your problem. I hope you can work through that and enjoy video games and your sites rather than focus on the negative.

          • R.Hoffmann

            I make jokes like the one about an “army of clones” whenever I see you talking about me, its that easy. No action, no re-action.

            This site does not need to be the best what it can be, its a hobby nothing more nothing less and if you saw this site 4 weeks ago, you know that it changed a lot for the better, both layout wise and also navigation wise.

            It is no and never will a competitor for dtoid, alone already because this is not a commercial project, we don’t need clicks, we don’t need to write 450 articles about one single game, we write about what we want here and if we see other gaming sites pulling bullshit we write about it no matter if it was on Polygon, IGN or Dtoid.

            I enjoy video games a lot and spend a lot of time with very positive and creative thinking people but I am one of those guys which like to point out the negative aspects as well. Be it in my rant about Capcom’s lazy Mega Man Legacy Collection yesterday or in an future article about some asshole kind of dlc stuff. I had no problem with Destructoid itself in the last month Occams, I simply had a problem with you.

            might make a new twitter account thats simply for the website so you have it easier to seperate me and this website. “Buddy”

          • Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

            You were doing so well up until that buddy in quotes. I’m disappointed in you Reinhold but I don’t dislike you. Thats an important distinction to make. I’m glad you have a site you can write about stuff you feel is important to you and I never expected or assumed you were trying to compete with bigger sites. I just hope you can grow up a bit. I guess you don’t see a problem with your behaviour. I’ve tried to point that out to you, out of concern and at times frustration which has tempered my approach in an unbecoming way occasionally. But I see a passionate fella who let his attitude get the best of him at times and cost him a bit and I feel for that person. Because I know how amazing the Destructoid community is and it would break my heart to lose that place. But I go back to you saying how internet stuff is inconsequential to you so maybe you just don’t care. And if that’s the case then that’s fine. I think you do yourself and the community a disservice with that attitude but far be it from me to push my stuff onto you when you aren’t into it.

            It’s fine if you don’t like me but I hoped you would at least listen as I didn’t feel like what I was saying was outrageous or anything. But here we are, a square peg and a round hole trying to fit and just not finding any compatibility.

          • R.Hoffmann

            Serious question, aisde from dtoid which was added to the list, what other gaming sites do you like and would truly recommend to check out?

          • Occams_Electric_Toothbrush

            I can’t think of any to add to the list. Mostly what’s already been mentioned. I tend to just go to all the major sites and then whichever sites pop into my head. I find Twitter is a good aggregator for news that covers all kinds of perspectives.

          • Oceanicus

            A lot of users have actually left, some because they disliked the intrusive ads and the pushing of the huge subscriptions, others felt the site and community changed too much and it wasn’t about just playing games anymore…

    • R.Hoffmann

      Added both Destructoid and Nintendo Life to the recommended sites, agree fully with them, have to check out PC Gamer still, the next couple of sites will be added next week

  • Terry 309

    It’s not a site but I know this Google + community for RPG fans:

  • FullmetalJ

    – Destructoid for the laughs (high level of tolerance recommended on weekend and bearded articles)
    – Giant Bomb for professionalism and veteran insight
    – [NES Pas?] for retro gaming en fran??ais — ( )
    – for knowing who’s who

    • R.Hoffmann

      Why the fuck don’t they have an article about me and my shady past there on deepfreeze. Fuckin’ buuuuuullshite!

    • Riobux

      Aw, no mention of me or the place I work at Gamers Honest Truth? Is there no love for those who prefer to write under an alias?

      • FullmetalJ

        Whaddaya mean an alias?

        Rio Bux, son of John Bux, husband to Saturn Margaret Bux.

        That’s you, isn’t it?

        • Riobux

          I don’t believe I am one entire anime character, I think?

  • Dreggsao

    Sh??dbase is often game related

    And if you don’t know it don’t google it while at work… and just in case after eating

    • R.Hoffmann

      Thats an…interesting site. Boomarked, might be recommended in the list but with a heavy NSFW warning ????

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