Pokken Tournament coming in 2016 with a Lucha Libre Pikachu as well.

Well, it was a matter of time before Pokken Tournament, the fighting game created by the tag team of Namco and Nintendo, would be announced for the Wii U. Well, we now know the launch date: Spring 2016.

Here’s some action from the arcade version to whet that appetite:

Introduced today was Pikachu Libre… which I think is a horrible name for a Pikachu clone. So, from this day forward… Pikachu Libre shall not be named as such, for he will be known as… PRINCE PIKA!

One hopes that Gengar doesn’t have a Mil Muertes impression somewhere around… heh heh.

  • Terry 309

    So we’re getting this instead of a sequal to XD? It does look good though… but it’s a fighter. Fighters are kinda not my thing as i’ve previously mentioned.