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After seeing what you guys are writing (The other editors here) I thought about ways to make it easy, MUCH easier for you and everyone else to always find your blogs and weekly columns. The written articles will all get a “Made by Hoffmann ” “Made by Dustin” Made by

Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello there. I’m AEmilius, 36 years and 1 week old as I type this. Argentinean and still living in Argentina, whatever that implies, it probably gives me a different perspective on a few things. I went to film-school, though I didn’t graduate. I’ve done some random audio-visual thingies, some 3D

Updates, Forums and Ethics

The website is a week old today and it went forward from being an empty wordpress blog with a standard look to Hoffmanntoid and 3 days later to the much better name and definition We Are Just Gamers. The majority of the visitors that also comment here or write are

What’s a Rabite doing in a place like this?

Writers on a new site typically introduce themselves. I feel this is really a good practice as it gives readers the ability to understand where said new person is coming from. So without further ado, here it goes. Pardon me for being a bit long winded (really long winded), but

I’m absolutely crazy about it!

Hello everyone. It’s admin DemonsMayFeel. Yes, it’s inspired by Devil May Cry. Since an introductory blog for me was wanted, I’d figure I do it. So, I’m going to be a new video game reviewer, and definitely not a 7.8/10 too much water IGN reviewer. I’m an avid fighting game

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