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Hey, I’m Brendan, and I love games…

…especially the classics. I’m a product of the mid-1980’s who grew up on NES and SNES. I’ve owned dozens of consoles and hundreds of games in my life and, well, videogames are just my passion. While I’ve owned a plethora of non-Nintendo consoles, and play modern Nintendo games frequently, like

Riobux’s Introduction To Hiding Under The News Desk

G’morning. I’m Riobux. If you need my actual name, in case you need a fantasy-sounding name for your next pen-and-paper campaign, it is Kailan May. You may know me from my misadventures over at Destructoid as I bumble around the news comment sections cracking jokes only I snigger at; and

Abel M’Vada, video game addict.

Hi there. My name is Abel M’Vada. Publicly, I’m an artist and gif animator whose work can be found on deviantArt and on tumblr. But privately, behind closed doors, I am an obsessive video game fanatic, especially where older games are concerned. I drool over Dig Dug, twitch around Tempest,

Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello there. I’m AEmilius, 36 years and 1 week old as I type this. Argentinean and still living in Argentina, whatever that implies, it probably gives me a different perspective on a few things. I went to film-school, though I didn’t graduate. I’ve done some random audio-visual thingies, some 3D

What’s a Rabite doing in a place like this?

Writers on a new site typically introduce themselves. I feel this is really a good practice as it gives readers the ability to understand where said new person is coming from. So without further ado, here it goes. Pardon me for being a bit long winded (really long winded), but

Hi I’m Sonic

So I thought I’d write my first article introducing myself and giving you a little background of myself. I’ve been gaming for most of my life. I started at around 7 or 8 years old. My first memories of gaming started sometime in the early 90’s. I remember seeing other

Seadragon Enters the Arena!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages… I want to introduce myself. My real name is Dustin.. but people here will know me as Seadragon. Why that name? Well, it’s become my legacy, if you will. I’ve had this name since I first joined GameFAQS! That’s been at

I’m absolutely crazy about it!

Hello everyone. It’s admin DemonsMayFeel. Yes, it’s inspired by Devil May Cry. Since an introductory blog for me was wanted, I’d figure I do it. So, I’m going to be a new video game reviewer, and definitely not a 7.8/10 too much water IGN reviewer. I’m an avid fighting game

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