Flashback Friday: WeaponLord

One guess for last week and it was from Hoffman… but, dude. Shaq Fu? WRONG! I even gave it away when I talked about my plans. But, I might get into Shaq Fu sometime down the road. This week’s Flashback Friday is an old school SNES and Genesis fighter called

Flashback Friday: Ikaruga

First off… I am disappoint. Not one person caught the clue I left in last week’s Flashback Friday. Maybe I need to be more blatant in leaving clues next time, hm? With that said, this week brings us another shooter. This time, we go from the retro style of Darius

Saturday Sillies: The Art of Smack Talk

Hey, you… you there, playing that fancy first person shooter that everyone loves. You’ve gotten your ass handed to you plenty of times, right? *nod* People think you’re like Kitana in MKX before her fight with Cage: Hot, but can’t trash talk… right? *nods again* Then I have something for

Flashback Friday: Darius Twin

Time to step out of my boundaries. I don’t mind a good side scrolling shooter every now and then… I mean, come on. Most of us have grown up with Gradius and R-Type. Shooters are always fun… That’s why for this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, I’m taking a look

Seadragon Speaks: Rise of the Kickstarter

For many gamers, the names Mega Man, Castlevania and Banjo-Kazooie bring back fond memories. These were all good games that pass the test of time… But, in a day and age where Triple AAA titles are produced much like factory made meat products, games like those are thrown to the

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