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Hello World

Well, it was a matter of time before Pokken Tournament, the fighting game created by the tag team of Namco and Nintendo, would be announced for the Wii U. Well, we now know the launch date: Spring 2016. Here’s some action from the arcade version to whet that appetite: Introduced

Flashback Friday: Thrill Kill

In the days of Mortal Kombat, there were many games that tried to cash in, genre wise anyway, on it’s use of violence. That’s not to say that there were other games that used violence as a selling point. For example, the infamous Manhunt series or Postal… But there is

Flashback Friday: Shaq Fu

There was a time (and still is, BTW) when a sports star is so good that he lands on the cover of a video game. The Madden series has made stars (and curses) out of those who were good enough to be on the cover… but, there was a time

Gamescom: Microsoft’s Proving Ground

Well, we Americans have E3 every year and Europe has something called Gamescom. It’s their E3 event and Microsoft was the only one willing to have an event out there. Since they’re the only one, that means it’ll be easy to grade the curve here… Good -The games that were